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Greetings and Salutations Netizens, One and All!!

Netizens - the Number ONE Asset of the WWW!

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To me being a netizen embodies John Lennon's song Imagine.

Initially, I was thinking of doing this page in the humorous style of Jeff Foxworthy. In light of the happenings in New York and Washington DC on September 11, 2001, I think I will hold off on that approach to describing and defining netizens. It is very hard for me to find my humorous side right now.
Instead I am approaching the netizen topic in a very grateful and somber manner. It has been amazing and enlightening experience, of being a netizen, during the week that followed the WTC bombing, especially concerning our global family that I refer to as netizens. Once again, the Internet has proven to be a wonderful place, that brings home the idea of just how small of a world we live in.

Being a good Netizen - Netiquitte

There is a spirit that exists on the internet that draws people together who would never otherwise meet, a spirit of sharing information and ideas, as well as ideals, from people from all walks of life, on a global level. Being a citizen of virtual reality has many faces, and many purposes.
As in the real world, one needs to obey certain rules and habits to be a safe and happy netizen. Since the anonimity of being online allows us to be more open, in some cases, I see the web as having theraputic value. But also, as in the real world, not all the people you meet are nice people, some are downright dangerous.
Being the mother of 5 children who have varying degrees of access to the Internet, I feel the need to mention teaching children rules of cyber safety. As in the real world, the Internet has people who lurk around wanting to take advantage of children or harm them. As we allow our children access to the Internet, whether via email, chat rooms, online discussion forums, or even just general web surfing, we need to be vigilant and educate them in safe behavior.

Just a few "Rules of the Road" we know as the Information Super Highway

Email, Spam, Chat, and other Netiquitte Issues

Netiquitte is the etiquitte we use when we are online. Since the Internet does not have a lot of laws (yet), there is a lot of freedom to do whatever you'd like to do. However, when you are emailing folks, you need to take precautions not to SPAM someone. (Spam as well as being a canned spiced ham, is also unwanted email.) Spam is also refered to as Unsolicited Commercial Email.
Sending spam emails to others online or in newsgroups, chatrooms, and email lists, can cause all kinds of problems. Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers), have strong anti-spam rules. If one spams the wrong person in the wrong mood, your very access to the web can be in jeopardy. (Your dial up service may even be closed down.)
Also, if you have a lot of online friends and family, you might send a lot of cutesy emails (quotes, pictures, jokes, etc) to a number of folks in your address book at one time. To keep your friends' and family's privacy, learn how to use the BCC function of your email program, in case one or more of the recipients on your list decides to forward your email on to folks in their email address book.

Use Caution & Common Sense

We have all heard the horror stories of people online spying on others, stalking them, or of some folks having their identities stolen in relation to giving sensitive information online. As in Real Life, don't give people your pin numbers, passwords, social security numbers, and in some cases even your address, phone number or place of employment. Teach your children, especially, not to tell people their real names, schools, phone numbers and addresses.
You may also want to look into purchasing filtering software, if you have children that use the computer and Internet regularly. Also, if you belong to newsgroups, or sign up for mailing lists on a regular basis, you may want to open a free web-based email account at Hotmail, Yahoo, or another free online email provider.

Doing Business, Buying & Shopping Online

In most cases, shopping and buying things online is convenient, easy and quite safe. My personal attitude to shopping online is before I buy anything from an unknown merchant, is to see if they have an about us section, with contact information as well as a privacy statement.I also use PayPal, to upload money into that account from my credit card, where possible.
If something sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is. Many scam artists posing as entrepreneurs promise you the ability to make $1000 a day or whatnot, and these promises are usually scams and lies.

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