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Greetings and Salutations Internet Addicts!

Hi - I'm Marlene, a Recovering Chat Addict :)

(In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy)

You may be an Internet Addict, if...

  • your AOL IM buddy list is longer than your list of _real_ friends.
  • your diary or journal contains chat shorthand (such as :), :(, LOL, ROFLMAO, and ppl).
  • you eat in front of your computer on a regular basis.
  • your email address book contains more people than your Rolodex.
  • the first thing you do in the morning is to turn on your computer and log on to the web.
  • you spend more time with your virtual friends and activities, than you spend with your family, friends, and co-workers.
  • your driving directions / instructions end in dot com.
  • you _HAVE_ to log on the computer or you feel something is missing.
If you have suggestions to add to this list, feel free to leave me a message in my guestbook.

Marlene's Top 10 Signs You Are a Web Addict

  1. When you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you log on and check your email.
  2. Before you make your morning coffee, you log on.
  3. Virtual reality is more real to you than real life.
  4. You log on for a night with your friends, instead of go out with your friends.
  5. You rent / buy a laptop when you go on vacation or travel.
  6. You've almost wet your pants because you did not want to miss a chat session.
  7. Your handwritten papers contain a lot of :)s, LOLs, and other chat shorthand.
  8. You've had an online romance or affair.
  9. You're constantly late for things, because you lose track of the amount of time you are online.
  10. You have legally changed your name to your online nickname.
Got any suggestions, additions, or other comments on my Top Ten List? Sign my guestbook, and let me know.

Seriously Folks, Web Addiction DOES Exist!!

I think people go through a new toy phase, when they first get online, and may excessively use the Internet. I also think folks who have had other addictions are more susceptible to becoming addicted to the Web or even computer games.
If you are having arguements with parents, children, friends, or spouses because they are feeling ignored due to your "habit", or if you are lying about how much time you spend online or what your are doing when online, chances are your are well on your way to becoming addicted.

Ab/Use of the Web - A Process Addiction

Addiction is an obsessive compulsive condition. As with any problem, the first step in solving the problem, is to acknowledge that there is a problem, and get help if you need it.
Having a web addiction is a lot like having an eating disorder, especially if you use the web or a computer for work or other necessary things. You can not just stop eating, or stop using computers if your livelihood depends on it.

Moderation in All Things

A few things that you can do, as a reality check are:
  • Be aware - log the amount of time you spend online.
  • Question yourself about how you are feeling. (anxiety, depression, withdrawal symptoms)
  • Ask your friends and family if they think you spend too much time online.
  • Find out more about process addictions.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Even if you are addicted to the Web, don't worry! I am sure there is a 12 step program that can help. :) Really! Remember that the Internet is a fun, educational and time saving tool, in some ways. Enjoy your time online, and if you think you have a problem, get help. Otherwise - Don't Worry, Be Happy, Mon!

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