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Welcome to Marlene's Page

Hi, I am Marlene Jones (maiden name - Hilsinger). Welcome to my personal page. I work from home via the internet and love making web sites. This page is about my life, family and interests. I'd like to share who and where I've been, things I've done and things I am doing now, and hope to do in the future! I also want to share some of the wonderful information and experiences I have had since being introduced to the internet in 1994.
I have a partner, Eric and we have a 2 year old (as of 1-6-99) son, Simon. We live in Richmond, Kentucky, although I am from the Laurens/ Oneonta area of Upstate NY. My parents, and 2 sisters still live in the Otsego Couty area, as well as my 4 older children (Naomi, Jared, Hannah & Lucas). Naomi just turned 18 (hard to believe), Jared turned 17, Hannah is now 12, and Lucas is 10. I also have a brother in Oklahoma and a sister in California.
I like crafts and reading, and Robert Fulghum is my favorite author. We sell some of his books at our Amazon Associate bookshop at Sunflower Creations, and I dedicated the bookshop there to him. I find his wit, humor and sensitivity to be refreshing and insightful. I also have an author discussion list for Fulghum and other similar authors at
My spiritual course of study is influenced mainly by A COURSE IN MIRACLES, as well as Seth/Jane Roberts. I spent a number of years in 12 step programs, and that is also a major factor in my spirituality and life philosophy. I enjoy reading about paranormal topics, and am an student of eastern philosophy and divination (for spiritual guidance). I have plans of placing some books of that nature in my bookshops online very soon. My Spirituality Page
In September of 1997, I got my first website to help sell the seed bead jewelry that I make, and making websites has turned into a life of its own. If you'd like to find out more about crafts, and the beadwork that I make, GO HERE.
My jewelry making business/online shop is named Sunflower Creations, and I have been doing beadwork since 1992. It is a very quiet hobby - almost meditative. And I believe creative efforts, whatever they are, bring us close to "Our Creator".
My newest creative outlet is web page creation and design. When I registered for my first web site (at FreeYellow), they have a built in marketing program that allowed me to give away web sites, and I have made some sites for area business. It's hard to believe that before Septmeber '97 that I was illiterate in the HTML area. I still have a lot to learn, but I am dedicated to helping people get and develop web sites. I believe that the internet will help small local businesses promote themselves, and even the playing field somewhat between big and small business.

More about my life...

I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom and the internet is a great place to start a home-based business. I am currently participating in several income opportunities that I explain more about on my business information page.
I stay pretty busy, keeping up with my 2 year old son, Simon, and getting my web sites updated. I have recently started writing an update/newsletter from my business site SUNFLOWER CREATIONS. I post the updates in web page form but also save the text drafts. If you'd like a text copy (it is full of interesting sites and information on web design and promotion and crafts) or if you'd like to subscribe just email me from the email link on the page or you can sign up for our Sunflower Creations mailing list at Onelist. TAKE A PEEK HERE at my first issue of SFC Update!

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