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My home-based business is called Sunflower Creations, and you can find out more about how we came to be named Sunflower Creations HERE. Sunflower Creations was originally my jewelry making business name and it is also what I've named my online web presence.
I have had my web site since September 12th, 1997, and have learned so much about HTML, as well as online marketing, search engine and promotional tips concerning web site and E-Commerce. I enjoy marketing and learning new things and sharing what I have learned with others.
My main dedication these days is sharing what I have learned about Internet Marketing. Many 'experts' claim that you need a domain name, and a dedicated server, among other expensive marketing tools to promote your "offline" business online. While I agree that if you are going to actually sell products and services online, you do need these tools.
However, if you are a local small business, such as a local restaurant or beauty parlor, or car repair shop you might benefit from utilizing FREE webhosting.
My latest web project is Sunny Side Business Directory , where we help small, local businesses take a tentative step into an online presence or to list their already existing business web sites.

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205 South Third St.
Richmond, KY 40475
United States

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