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Marlene OR mandyky??

When I was first introduced to the internet, through IRC, my chosen nickname was mandy. Mandy has become my internet identity in many ways, and although I rarely chat on IRC these days, I have kept the nickname. Sometimes I think my chosen name is more fitting than my given name because many of the friends I make on the internet call me mandy, long after they know my given name. Mandy(ky) is a hint to where I live (in Kentucky) and also began as a chat nickname since I moved to Kentucky in 1995. Originally, I am from Oneonta, in Upstate New York. I just want to let all my visitors here to know that mandyky and Marlene are actually the same person, and perhaps some old friends with whom I've lost contact from my early IRC days, might find me through this website. I have found that the internet is an amazing place where you can "meet" and make friends with people you may never meet in real life. I think it also can be helpful towards promoting "world friendliness" and helps us realize that we all are world citizen's and not bound by geographical boundaries, unless we choose to be bound. The words of John Lennon's IMAGINE come to mind.
My current contact information is at the bottom of this page. My ICQ number is included, and I wanted to let folks know that my nickname on ICQ has been changed to MJ (for Marlene Jones).

As I mentioned on the Home Page, I am interested in reading and crafts, as well as spirituality. My newest avid interest is politics. Actually, it is a renewed interest, brought on by the "impeachment process" our country has just gone through.
I would like to mention 2 websites that I am currently involved in promoting during the gearing up towards the Year 2000 Presidential election. People For the American Way Foundation works to protect the heart of democracy and the soul of the nation. MoveOn.ORG was originally formed to protest the impeachment of our President, and is now working to help American people remember this travisty, and in Election 2000 to choose Representatives and Senators who will listen to the American People.
In the near future, I will be adding a page here to keep like minded people abreast of developments at both of these web sites and provide contact information for people who would like to be more involved in this process. You can also sign up for emailing, pledge information and 'membership' at either of the web sites mentioned above.

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Marlene Jones

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